I'm the hero of this story

 I don't need to be saved.

“Your horny tweets about the leaked nudes of an actress should eventually have to be read aloud as part of your wedding vows.”

– Peter Schultz (via kohwala)

Tomorrow is my last shift as a barista!

I don’t know what I’m going to do without a bucket of coffee or an industrial espresso machine every day.
  I’m going to miss my co-workers so much! They’ve helped me overcome a lot in this year away from school and friends. 
Hopefully, I’ll get a chance to make coffee and serve customers again in Peterborough at some point. 

The day after tomorrow, I’m off to resume my studies in indigenous studies and I’m starting my little journey into math and science as I start to dabble in computing and information systems. After looking at the program, I think I might be aiming a bit too high but, I think I’d like to be a software engineer! 

It’s the end of one great thing and the beginning of the scariest decision I’ve ever made. 

Here’s to a new-ish start! 

ps. who’s up for helping me with calculus and physics? 

- Next time I move to close, this is what you do.

- Okay, what?

- You shut up!